Your Kids becoming Coach Deaf?

Need another motivating voice?

kids need a pick-me-up?

just need some new drills for practice?

what about a coach for a tournament?

Team Practice

If you need help on Defense, Breaking a Press, Taking Care of the Ball, you name it, I can run your team practice once or once a week.  You will get specialized training on the exact skill sets your team needs in order to achieve a higher competitive advantage.  Email Me.

Do you have a group of coaches that need to know what kids need to know at each level of the game?  What do you teach 2nd graders?  How do you run a structured Practice?  How do I motivate my High Schoolers? Need some Ball Handling and Shooting Drills?  My Coaching Clinics will help answer all these questions.  Email Me.

Don’t have a training program on your side of town to run Camps/Clinics?  I provide 3-Day General Camps, 2-Day Shooting/Ball Handling Clinics or Offensive/Defensive Skills Clinics.  Email Me

Coaching Clinics

Running a Camp/Clinic for your program/team

coaching a team

If you want me to coach your team for a specific tournament, please Email Me.

If you would like References, please Email Me.

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